Final shrimp feed

Final shrimp feed is an excellent suggestion to provide optimal nutrition for shrimps. This product contains at least 38 to 40% protein and carbohydrates needed for the healthy growth of shrimps with the right combination of food components. Also, with a maximum of 6-8% crude fat and 12% ash, and a maximum of 2-4% crude fiber and 10% moisture, this shrimp feed has optimal nutritional composition. It is suitable for all stages of shrimp growth and can be used in brackish and fresh water farms. This product increases the fast and healthy growth of shrimps and is presented as a diverse and high-quality option in different sizes and types. The size of this feed is 2.2-2.4 for shrimps with a size of more than 10 grams. You should give 2-3% of this feed to the shrimps 4-5 times.

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