The directors of “Drin Daneh” have university education in the field of fisheries engineering and a master’s degree in breeding and breeding of aquatic animals. Since conducting scientific and technological research in the production of products is one of the priorities, efforts are made to apply new and up-to-date research in this field.

“Derin Daneh” factory is active in the field of aquatic feed production and produces various products including fish feed and special feed for farmed aquatic animals.

Extruder is used as an advanced technology in the production of aquatic feed. This machine is used in the form of axes (two shafts) to produce better and higher quality products.

“Drin Daneh” factory uses quality control methods of raw materials and carefully monitors all stages of production until product delivery in order to achieve the desired quality of products.

We use the most up-to-date food safety management methods to ensure that our products are safe for consumers. These measures include checking and controlling the stages of production and storage of products.