dorin daneh

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The managers of ``Derin Daneh`` factory, with an experience of about 16 years in the aquaculture industry, decided to establish a specialized and modern factory in the field of producing feed and supplements for aquatic animals in 2017. so that they can fulfill part of the country's needs in this field in the years when jihad was obligatory for the production and prosperity of this valuable industry for our country.

Derin Daneh factory was built on a 7000 square meter land in the third phase of Shahrekord industrial town and tried to The most modern facilities and the most up-to-date research together guarantee the development and progress of the factory. On the other hand, in order to expand the factory, necessary forecasts have been made to provide better services to the people by completing other units such as customer service, research, quality control, packaging, production, etc.
The managers of “Derin Daneh” have a university degree in fisheries engineering and a master’s degree in aquaculture breeding and breeding, and they benefit from the presence and opinion of expert advisors, veterinarians and specialists. The factory with the most up-to-date scientific and practical methods and attention to food safety management using extruder technology in two shafts (axis) and carrying out quality control methods of raw materials in order to reduce the costs of growers and increase the efficiency of breeding units, trust and attention has attracted to its products because customer satisfaction paves the way for this seed”
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